De-escalation as a Standalone is a LIE!

Deescalation is often used as a buzzword without clear definition, especially by politicians and incompetent individuals. The analogy of cutting off the negative battery cable from a car illustrates the folly of focusing solely on de-escalation without considering escalation. Humilitas First teaches the principle of Throttle Control, emphasizing the importance of understanding both de-escalation and escalation.

De-escalation is appropriate when a potentially violent confrontation has not escalated to an imminent deadly force threat by the unjust criminal aggressor. Once such a threat exists, stopping the threat through incapacitation is necessary. Proper training for law enforcement and civilians requires accepting reality and recognizing that bad actors often use surprise, speed, and violence of action.

Prioritizing life by valuing the unjust aggressor’s life over innocent civilians or law enforcement officers is misguided. Society’s abandonment of truth for fantasies and myths complicates these discussions, highlighting the importance of a clear understanding of self-defense.